Introduction to Gabor Rolling soft

Introduction to Gabor Rolling soft


Rolling or 'Rocking' soles are not new to the footwear industry. Brands such as MBT pioneered the technology and FitFlop incorporated many of the benefits of rolling soles into their signature sandals. Now the technology has entered a more refined stage with brands such as Gabor slimming down the thickness of the sole and still managing to retain the same benefits.

Walking: As your heel strikes the ground the rolling sole converts the impact into forward motion, reducing the stress on your joints and propelling you into your next step.

Standing: The rolled sole profile means that when standing the toe and heel of the shoe is not in contact with the ground. Instead, the mid sole takes the load. This distributes your weight over the whole surface of your foot reducing pressure points.

Anyone who works in a retail or service industry job where standing still for long periods of time is necessary will tell you how uncomfortable it is, constantly having to adjust your standing position. Rolling soles allow you to rock gently back and forth on the spot eliminating the need to change your stance and promotes a more upright posture which in turn aligns the whole posterior chain from the hips and lower back right up to the neck and shoulders.

Rolling soft shoes also have a contoured foot bed gently supporting the arch and where more support needed the insole can be completely removed and replaced with a custom made orthotic insole.

With a wealth of anatomical data and over a decade of development Rolling Soft shoes are endorsed by podiatrists across Europe.

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